Island Dog runs on YOUR donations.  We do not receive government funding.  With your help, we can prevent the suffering of thousands of animals.  YOUR generous donations provide free or discounted vet care, spay & neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and medications.  


Donate Medications & Supplies

Help us use more of our funds to save animals by donating the necessary medications that break our budget. 

Donating Facts:

‚ÄčIsland Dog began out of a passion to help animals.   Your donations

go directly to our sterilization and medical programs that help thousands of animals annually.  Our team, works proactively on the East Coast to produce permanent results, decreasing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, and thus reducing suffering.   


Money & Awareness

We are NOT funded by the government of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.  We run on donations & grant funding.  Our scope of work, depends on the generous donations we receive.  We can only do what our budget will allow us to do. 

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